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Welcome to Craftblock

Screenshot Craft Block

Sunset in Craftblock

Screenshot Craft Block

A Craftblock Overview

Craftblock is a video game where players build things from a cube in a 3D world. Cubes or blocks are made of various textures and are glued one to another one in order to build houses, landscapes, gardens, ... The world itself is made of blocks representing trees, flowers, grass, rocks, clouds, ... with day and night cycles.

Craftblock Game is a revival of Fogleman's Craft, a free Minecraft-like game first published on April 2013 and using modern OpenGL shaders. provides updated binaries (Windows, Linux, Mac) with more game features and a server for multiplayer mode.

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First Update

Here we go: This is the first release of Craftblock available for Windows, please download it here.

In this version, terrain is more mountainous and more block textures have been added.

Also, joystick controller is now supported which is very convenient to play this kind of game but keyboard and mouse are also supported.